Blazing Fast
Our seedboxes are top-spec servers with 1Gb/s speeds! Build ratio and stream media faster than ever before with enthusiast grade seedboxes.
Intuitive Interface
Ultimate Dashboard!
Our seedbox packages come with a very functional, professionally developed dashboard app which you can run directly from your desktop.
Easy to use interface
Rutorrent Interface
All of our quality seedboxes are pre-loaded with Rtorrent and the Rutorrent user interface. Torrenting has never been so easy!

Download the Seedbox Panel to Access your Dashboard


Download our Seedbox Panel to access all of your important links in one place as well as look at tutorials and the FAQ. This Seedbox Panel is a full featured dashboard which we recommend our customers to use.

Stream content directly from your server


All of our servers are able to stream content to your devices. You can easily stream the content you have torrented directly to VLC media media on your PC and some of our seedbox packages even have full Plex support.

Great Software and Great Servers unite

Our seedbox packages are full of great features. We are most proud of our high-spec, no-nonsense servers as well as our dedication to running the best quality software on those servers (such as Rutorrent, Sonarr and CouchPotato) and lets not forget our great efforts to providing great software to our users such as our newly released Seedbox Panel which is one of the best seedbox dashboards you will use.

Simple Layout

The Seedbox Dashboard has a professional and neat layout, making it easy for anyone to navigate the simplistic interface.

One Time Login

The Seedbox Panel has an option to remember your details so you dont have to keep typing in your credentials each time you launch the application.

Secured Environment

The Seedbox Panel application is local to your computer and not online, meaning that running the dashboard app on your computer is the safest option.


The Seedbox Panel is built with a responsive layout, which means it automatically adapts to the viewing device, so it will expand and contract accordingly to the size and resolution of the screen, whether Windows tablet or desktop.

Powerful Servers

Our servers are high spec machines, in many cases they have 8+gb of RAM and a Xeon processor.

Easily access seedbox interface from your browser.

You can easily access your seedbox BitTorrent interface (rutorrent) from your browser at home.

High Quality Servers

Order a seedbox and receive a high quality server with top grade hardware within minutes.


Our servers come loaded with all of the popular applications such as BTSync, Sonarr, CouchPotato etc. as well as the best online BitTorrent web interface - rutorrent. Please Note: application links such as CouchPotato and Sonarr have not been added to your Dashboard yet. They will soon be added to the dashboard in a future update.
Download Seedbox Panel

Powerful Framework

  • Very Lightweight Software
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • The dashboard makes it easy to access all seedbox apps and utilities.
  • All tutorials can be accessed within the panel.
  • There is even a portable version!