/The Ultimate Dashboard
The Ultimate Dashboard
Download our professionally developed desktop application to access your seedbox dashboard. For the optimum experience we advise you to download the "Installation" version of the desktop app because you don't get any automatic updates with the portable version and it isn't customisable meaning that your experience using the portable application will be inferior to that of using the installation version of the seedbox panel.
  • Portable
  • Free
  • This is just a standard .exe file (no installation) which can be run from any windows device and can be stored on external media - such as a USB stick or external hard drive. Perfect if you don't have a dedicated private PC. However we do not recommend this version if you have a private PC.
  • No Updates Available
  • Most tutorials available
  • Non-customisable interface
  • Full Live Chat Online Support
  • No option to remember login details
  • Download
  • Installation
  • Free
  • This version of the panel comes as a setup.exe which installs the application onto your computer. We recommend you download this version because it ensures that your application is always up to date meaning that your dashboard has the newest features and tutorials.
  • Automatic Updates Available
  • All tutorials available
  • Customisable interface
  • Full Live Chat Online Support
  • Option to remember login details
  • Download


The sophisticated dashboard design allows you to access all of the essential seedbox utilities (such as rutorrent) with ease.


The dynamic nature of the application means that the dashboard window is responsive and that you can resize the window to your preference.


A dashboard as powerful as our servers - the application was programmed professionally to create an efficient solution which is quick to launch your utilities.